Peela Sindoor

Tere Naam Ka


India's First Soap Opera

on Live-In Relationships

for the OTT Platform


Original Title: Peela Sindoor Tere Naam Ka
Foreign Release Title: Yellow Love


This Show and its Format are Conceptualised, Created and Curated by Amish Badani

All Rights Reserved by and All Intellectual Properties belong to Amish Badani, Amish Group - India



Show Format Description


One Line

Stories about modern day Live-in Relationship couples


One Paragraph

With changing times, the notions of marriage and relationships are also changing. With increasing number of divorces, increase in the legal marriage age of women in India (from 18 years to 21 years), and with Live-in Relationships being considered legal and legit  by the order of the Hon. Supreme Court of India, things will slowly start changing in India. However, relationships are complicated and so are the age old social norms. This web-series will focus on the stories which revolve around different Live-in Relationship couples, many of who have made a choice to live with their family, in their family home, and that too without the sanctity of the marriage!



What is the Premise of the Story?


The premise of stories of Peela Sindoor Tere Naam Ka is of accepting, if not institutionalising, Live-in Relationships



Why is it Important to Tell These Stories?


In India, majority of the Soap Operas are still stuck with child marriages, re-marriages, divorces, affairs etc. However, no one has broached this subject 

While there may have been many films or episodes made around the subject, no one has thought of making it the premise

More than that, none of them are actually talking about Live-in Relationships

They are simply talking about Cohabitation Before Marriage, which they are packaging as Live-in Relationships!



How will the Format be Structured?

The Format of the Show is to share stories through different Seasons

Every Season will have a story about different couples who are living in different parts of India / World,

belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds, different religious backgrounds etc.

In fact, it will also have couples of different genders and sexual orientations!

There are so many stories to tell...